Dov Samuel

Dov Samuel’s journey began in Brooklyn, New York, and took him to Tel Aviv, where he pursued higher education in business and marketing at Tel Aviv University. His dedication and passion for learning led to a successful career in marketing, first in Israel and later back in his hometown of New York City. Dov’s commitment to excellence in the dynamic world of business remains unwavering, shaped by his global experiences and cultural insights.

Art Newsstand was founded with a mission to unearth the talents of undiscovered artists and photographers. In a world filled with hidden creative voices, Art Newsstand serves as a bridge to connect these talents with a global audience. Dov’s platform provides a stage for artists and photographers to share their unique perspectives and creativity with the world, celebrating diversity and unlocking the potential of undiscovered talent. Art Newsstand believes that every artist, regardless of their background or exposure, deserves the opportunity to be seen, appreciated, and celebrated.

For more information please contact Dov at [email protected] or call us at ‪718.218.4306‬